Batter Up

Since this is probably the last piece of newborn clothing Soren will be able to squeeze into, I had to snap a photo of him in this adorable sweatsuit (pants not pictured). 

With his baby acne and freshly spiked hair, and with the impressive stats at his check-up yesterday (11lbs & 22.5 inches, +2 points in both categories since birth) that caused the nurse to re-measure him 3 times, I’d say he’s ready for some junior high baseball tryouts! (teehee)
Happy Friday!

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  1. Marisa, Another healthy, beautiful Soto child and Emde grandchild. (Do I sound a little biased and proud?) You're doing an awesome job juggling and maintaining sanity with 3 under 4. I admire your patience, diligence and committment to doing what's best for your family. Love you, Dad

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