18 months!

A little late but I figured it was time for an update on Sweet G. 
 …Being that she is on the downhill march to a 2 year old! And being that she is the big sister now and has a lot more responsibilities these days.
Like handing me the wipes as she sits close by my side and watches in curious enthrallment as I change her baby brother or throwing his diaper away all by herself. 
 She is settling into her new role just beautifully.
This series of pictures says it all…
 …Wiping the leaves and debris away so her baby has a nice clean seat to sit on
…Giving a gentle push with tremendous focus and a careful attentiveness
…Joyful when giving to others
…Perceptive and protective, with a wisdom well beyond her years.
… Simply. Sweet.
Oh Genevieve, you are an absolute doll! It is quite amazing to see your unique characteristics and God-given strengths developing and blossoming already at such a young age.
You are naturally nurturing. You are, oh so, gentle with little Soren. You are kind and caring. You love to share (unless of course you are standing your ground on an unjust dealing with big sis). You are unselfish. You are obedient (for the most part but we’ll take it). You are my peace maker. You are incredibly independent, creatively finding things and ways to entertain yourself. You love to explore on your own. You are comfortable alone and enjoy being in your own presence: What an incredible skill that is that so many (adults) fight with and never learn to embrace and enjoy. You wave goodnight to me as I lay you in your crib for naps or bedtime every day without a fight or a fuss. Despite the multiple teeth popping up, your peaceful disposition has remained the same. You are incredible, baby doll!
I used to think that all babies were like you. Boy was that naive ignorant.  I quickly discovered after becoming a mom that wasn’t the case and now I know (& your pediatrician agrees) that you are the exception. 
 I believe you are the primary reason this transition to 3 has gone so smoothly for me. 
Thank you for that. 
We love you, little darling.
Some recent words you have added to your vocabulary:
-Nana (Banana)
-Bye Bye
-All done

And you are putting words together, like, “Bye bye Bapa”
Speaking of…..


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  1. Sweet G's "bye, bye, Bapa," absolutely melts my heart each and every time I hear it. She says it with such sincerity and feeling for one so young. But, as you well know, whe is special in the feeling department! I can't wait to see her blossom!

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