Soren’s Starry Night Nursery

His room is complete! 
And 2 whole weeks before his due date. Phew! 
This is what Genevieve’s tropical botanical nursery looked like before:

And now, with a much more masculine take:

 The cozy corner alcove where much time is spent rocking and nursing. 
And After:
(I may add a little bling to those lamp shades. We’ll just have to see how much time he gives me)
 The crib quilt turned wall art…
 …To the classic Creation of Man painting. 

  This was the inspiration behind the whole room’s theme. Since baby boy’s namesake is one of daddy’s favorite philosophers and I knew I didn’t particularly want a room that was too baby-ish but rather one he could grow into so I wouldn’t have to worry about doing much work for awhile (I know, totally goes against my obsession with change & opportunities to re-decorate), I thought the artwork would be a perfect way to introduce a starry night theme with hints of the love of wisdom, which both daddy and I share. I’ve had this artwork in 3 different walls in the house and it never felt right. I love it in here. It’s the first thing I see turning the corner to go to any of the bedrooms and I find myself smiling often. Now that’s decorating success! Woohoo!

The crib bedding Before (so feminine):
 After: (I love the simplicity)
 Mimi was such an incredible help in the whole process of bouncing ideas off of her, then hunting for fabric and volunteering to help me make the bumper and bedskirt. Well, somewhere along the process, (probably when she saw there was no way I would be able to undertake this project with 2 active little ones and pregnant), she took over the responsibility and her help turned into becoming the sole creator of a beautiful crib set! She even sewed a matching blanket, several pillows and a mobile which we just need to locate the misplaced rods for.
Thanks Mom! You’re amazing!
This is where we started:

 To this.
I found the “Sweet Dreams” metal art at Big Lots for $5 and the knobs simply got a coat of warm yellow paint.
 And then the window panels. Oh. My. goodness. You are not going to believe the deal I got. I was thinking I could handle attacking some shorter, simple curtains if I could ever find the time to get out and look for the fabric. Well, I was at Ross for something completely different and bam! There they were. Done. With grommets. Longer than I had planned, (which was my preference anyway) and a complete steal! Way cheaper than the fabric would have cost me. I was sure when I got home to check the color, the shade would be completely off because it was just too good to be true but they were perfect! That never happens to me (hehe)
I had to take a picture for proof. This was for both panels people!!!
Don’t you love finding amazing deals at just the right time?
The wall art was about the only thing I actually made (besides a lot of spray painting). It was simple but time consuming because I refused to spend a dime so I worked with my existing scrapbook paper collection to come up with something simple that didn’t clash. I added a  couple quotes from baby boy’s name sake, Mr. Kierkegaard.
Daddy is very  happy 🙂
Here’s the before (these were from Micheal’s and I never finished the ideas I had for the shelf):

And the After:
And that’s it! 
Well….I’ve got a whole bunch of plastic star ornaments that I was thinking might look neat hanging from the ceiling at different heights but we’ll see if I have the energy and motivation Either way, I’m really happy with the way it turned out.
It’s better than I had envisioned in my mind which is always a good thing and since baby boy could care less what it looks like, I better like it! 🙂

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