My Sweet Sweet Genevieve

I just cant get enough of her.
 I smother her in kisses every morning and carry her as long as possible before she is squirming to get down and when I lay her down at night, I can’t wait to do it all over again. Despite her increasing independence and apparent, unique spunkiness, she is still the Sweetest thing. 
I wouldn’t call her mellow, so much anymore. She is a very healthy, active 16 month-old: she darts into the street to get to that tether ball she eyes at our neighbors across the way; she lets her sister know in very clear ways she can’t be bullied around and she throws herself on the floor in a short lived fit when something doesn’t please her. But she still loves her sleep, she loves to share with everyone, to give big sister her blankie and “baca”, to wave “hello” and “goodbye” to everyone and anyone. She still loves her daddy’s arms for comfort and consolation when she is overly tired or sick and loves to pat or lay her soft cheeks on my baby bump. And she still melts my heart even though the days of holding her close to my chest are fading all too quickly.

 How happy I was over the fact that the Vans Auntie Nini bought for Spicy (whose feet were far too wide & thick to ever squeeze into) are finally getting broken into over 3 years later!!!

2 Responses to My Sweet Sweet Genevieve

  1. Sweet "G" indeed!! Mellow, spunky, independent and oh so loving! I can't get enough of her either!! Love you, Dad

  2. I was TOTALLY gonna comment on the Vans until I saw your last little caption on the last pic! I remember Miranda buying those for A and how we laughed cuz her chubby feet wouldnt fit into them (and Brayden had the SAME pair in red/white and HIS chubby feet wouldnt fit either). Maybe our second born will be able to squeeze into them like G could!

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