Celebrating with the onesies you love

(If the title has you chuckling or smiling, I can’t take the credit. That would be my better half, Mr. Soto)
This past weekend, I gathered with my nearest and dearest friends to create some homemade, special onesies for the littlest Soto coming next month (uh, hopefully next month!) It was such a neat celebration from the days weeks prior of preparing all the details: gathering fabric and decorations and dying and washing dishes, cutting stencils, making name tags and the like, to the actual day of being with such incredible women whom God has blessed me immeasurably with their friendship and life example. From the moment the doorbell rang and the first guest arrived, the time. flew. by.  
And the day began. This was my speech attempt to express my appreciation and love for each one of my friends who come from varying stages and places in my journey but equally fill my life with such immense fulfillment and richness… What a dream come true to have them all in the same home sharing food, each other’s company and crafting!!!!
Then we prayed and ate our heart out! The lovely spread...
This was Station 2: Choose your onesie color/style, fabric and applique stencil… 
(with some professional examples for inspiration)
Station 3: The sweatshop craft room with a lovely view of the Emde Resort…
 & the slave laborers ladies hard at work producing some awesomely creative onesies:
 They definitely surpassed any and all expectations I had with their intensity and excitement.

Hands down, Julianna had the most creative, hillarious idea for 1 of her creations…Can you guess what it is? Not a jelly bean or a jumping bean….
 It’s Soren’s missing left kidney!!! It still has me busting up every time I see it! Yes, child, we are already laughing at your expense before you even enter the world 🙂
(& you better believe he will be seen sporting that proudly)
And this super momma,  in the land of sleep deprivation, cracked nipples and a healing crotch (sorry Care), having pushed out a 9 pounder 10 days prior, shows up beautifully glowing, passes up the pre-made stencils and busts out a onesie using a hand drawn original! What a treat not only to see her but to also meet and hold baby Tyler!
 Some more highlights of the beautiful afternoon…

I’ll need to update the “after” picture since several more were added after working into the evening (not to mention the backsides of some which have some really cute bum embellishments) but a very impressive transformation…

Thank you Mom (Dad, Miranda & Ita) for your incredible labor of love, countless hours of shopping, prepping, cleaning, dying, washing, ironing, gift wrapping, knitting, crocheting, decorating and much more to create such a warm, welcoming and loving environment for everyone. It was such a special time, absolutely perfect, and I am so blessed to have had such a memorable celebration in honor of our 3rd miracle.
 And a special thanks to Mr. Soto for taking over as Mr. Mom giving our girls a full day of fun memories with daddy (& some adorable video to prove it) so mommy could take a day “off” and get spoiled!

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  1. No, Marisa, Thank YOU for saying yes to God's will and giving so much of yourself to so many others-friends and family. Your planning and your vision came to beautiful fruition as love, laughs, tears, creativity, and memories were shared by all. Viewing these pictures, so creatively and representatively put together, raises my excitement and anticipation level at the prospect of welcoming Soto #3, Soren, to our family. Hang in there, the day is rapidly approaching. Thank you so much for taking the time to put this wonderful collage together! The expression on everyone's face tells the story of the day!!
    Love you, Dad

  2. It was a WONDERFUL first outing for baby Tyler and I. And you're right, I was planning on only staying for a tiny bit but 3 hours later, I had to drag myself away! Love you so much and cant wait to meet the new guy. PS thanks for the shout out in the post ; )

  3. I had so much fun from the moment I got there till the time I left. I can't wait for this little man's arrival!

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