Barbies and Boyish Blue

Two weekends ago, Bapa came over to paint the nursery a more masculine shade of the rainbow. Although the color we had was gender neutral, after 4 years, momma was getting pretty tired of the bright green. What he didn’t know was that his mission would be slightly delayed by an inability to refuse his first granddaughter’s pleas to play. He didn’t seem to mind that the ‘play’ involved dressing Barbie dolls. 

  This grandpa can do it all, I tell you. He can build a home and with the same two hands entertain a 31/2 year old with talk of ballroom gowns and fairy tale endings. He’s got a really cute high-pitched female voice too… 

Oh yeah, and the room….
Once the paint was bought and I knew it was going up on the walls, I got a little scared terrified that I would hate it mainly because the color scheme I chose would remind me too much of my high school and college days practicing living in the gym of my gold and blue Alma maters. But, I was so relieved and thrilled to see it up and actually looooove it!
Thanks Dad for giving up your Saturday and lending your professional painting skillz.
Now it just needs those special touches. 
Be back soon with the finished before and afters…

5 Responses to Barbies and Boyish Blue

  1. Grandpa can do it all!! I love the 2nd photo – black and white fading into color! You'll have to show me how to do that – I think you have already surpassed my photography knowledge 🙂 Also, I LOVE Soren's blue nursery! A very bold, rich blue that contrasts so well with the white!

  2. I love the blue!!! So glad you are back to the blog I was starting to get worried that you were having trouble with baby soto! Can you send me your cell number again, I accidentally deleted it and could not get it back.

  3. Marisa, Since you are getting so good with the camera and the special effects, how about coloring my hair and reducing my waistline?!?! Love you, Dad

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