The adventures of a SAHM (with an awesome Mom!)

I get asked how I survive without a vehicle. Often I wonder why I even used to worry about what I thought at the time was one of Daddy’s silly, extreme ideas. Boy was I wrong. Between 2, often 3 staggered naps, meals, homeschooling lessons, a park within walking distance, strolls to the local fabric store, wagon rides, a spacious front yard to indulge in chalk art, bubbles, play-doh, playing in the dirt, with leaves, sticks, a sand table that captures the girl’s attention almost every time they set foot outdoors, a swing, a playmate next door, almost daily walks to Gramma Yvonne (our neighborhood grandma & watch dog)’s house for sweet treats & lovely chats, none of us are ever deprived nor bored. Besides, as hard as I try, I am convinced it is a forgone conclusion that every time I enter the mini-van, I am doomed to spend money we don’t have. 
And then there are the visits from Mimi when she often whisks us away for an outing that is never less than perfect.
Like say, enjoying the gorgeous 80 degree weather at the beach…
The girls were so content for so long, amidst the mild rays of sunshine and gentle ocean breeze, I sat on the park bench not quite sure what to do with myself. So I rested. And snacked. And snapped a few pictures.
Thank you Mimi for an incredible day!  
Spending time with you is the greatest gift we could receive.
I can’t tell you how good it feels to say I only have 12 weeks to go (hopefully less, please Lord!). Of course, to the rude clueless outsider, apparently I look “huge” “ready to pop now” and the fact I still have 3 months to grow seems impossible. But whatever, people. 
Let the countdown begin!

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  1. great shots! and NO you do not look huge! carrying a baby boy suits you well…ALL in your belly, nowhere else!

  2. The time will pass and we will soon be looking back on your pregnancy and rejoicing at the new life of Soren Soto! (although it is easier for those who aren't pregnant to speak such words!) "Hang in there!" Your sacrifices never go unnoticed and unrewarded. Love you, Dad

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