Mommy Teacher

That is what Spicy calls me when we are pretending to play school (with her stuffed animals or Little People) OR when we are partaking in her real homeschooling lessons. She came up with it on her own and it brings a smile to face every time I hear it! 
It is definitely time to document her progress for the family blog book. 
As mentioned previously, she is enrolled in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy’s Petty School. The curriculum includes Reading (both in Latin and in English), Writing, and Arithmetic. In addition, she has a weekly 2 hour catechism class structured in a Montessori fashion and then we add plenty of “extra curricular activities” to include art, music, physical activity and field trips to the library, museums, beaches, etc. I never thought I would say this but I feel like this homeschooling gig is going really well and we’ve got a really good balance going. Spicy, you are one well rounded pre-schooler!  (trust me, no sheltered girl here)

My favorite part of “homeschooling” (that word still scares me a bit due to a number of factors but I’m getting over it) is simply having so much time and so many opportunities throughout the day to use everything as a teaching/learning experience. Using every chance to go deeper. Explaining why we clean as she helps spray the hardwood floor, why we celebrate on Easter with eggs and bunnies and candy as she peels off decals for the glass sliding door, why we share with our sister, etc etc. and then having the opportunity to experience how she absorbs it, responds, and reacts inhibited from any outside influences. It’s awesome. And then there are the fun times like drilling our numbers by tens in the car and quizzing each other the 6 diphthongs (The girls memory is incredible and she beats me all the time!)

Although it was a grueling slow and (very) painful start, things are picking up speed and it is so exciting to see the hard work of patience & persistence paying off as things come together quickly & she finally has grown to cooperate.
OK, so a quick run down. 
In the reading department, Spicy we (since I’m learning right along with her) have mastered:
  • The old Roman alphabet – all of letters by name and their sounds (& all possible syllables)
  • The 6 Diphthongs (& reading words using them)
  • The 7 changes in the ecclesiastical (and yes, she can pronounce that word and knows its meaning) or church Latin.
  • To sound out and read words (by dividing them into syllables) and their meaning. Here is just a sampling:
 I am very curious and anxious to see how/when the transition to English Reading is made. However, both Daddy and I can already tell that the Latin is laying a solid foundation as you are already sounding out very challenging words in English on your own. 
In Arithmetic, you can:
  • Count to 100 in both English and Latin
  • Write 1-20 in English numbers and Roman Numerals
  • Recognize English & Roman Numerals by 10s to 100. (10, 20, 30, 40, etc) 
After some trial & error, many frustrating sessions & discussions with Daddy, we decided to slow down on the Writing until your chubby little hands fine motor skills progress a bit. For now, your strength is definitely in the other areas so we’re taking advantage while you are excited and interested. I have no doubt you will catch up and excel in the other area. (Although, you are able to write your name, all 10 English numbers, many above 10, and the Roman numerals to 10)
I am so amazed when I sit back and realize the fruit that 30 minutes a day (which is about all we can both take because this stuff is intense) 3-4 times a week has bore. And Spicy, you have far surpassed any expectations I had of your ability and potential to learn things that are even difficult for me to keep up with!
This is one of our weekend sessions which is, much less, shall we say conventional?
 It’s been quite a journey, this homeschooling venture. The toughest part was having an open mind and heart to simply discern through understanding, reason and prayer what was best for our family. I’m so glad Daddy pushed encouraged me because it has been such an incredible and exciting ride thus far!

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  1. Marisa, Thanks for the update on home schooling, as I need education and encouragement. One thing I encourage you to never underestimeate and that is the ability of Aliziea's mind to absorb, retain and give back an almost unlimited amount of information, although the feedback sometimes comes in Alizea's time, not ours. My unbiased observation is that you have one smart cookie on your hands and the exposure you are giving her is absolutely what she needs. Keep us the great work. Love you, Dad

  2. Isn't it awesome to see them absorb what we teach?! When they "get" it, the feeling is very satisfying. You're doing a great job!

  3. Two thumbs up Marisa!!! Nathan was SO excited when he saw what Alizea was doing in the pic above! 😉
    Your awesome 😉

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