Are you shitting me?

You have GOT to be kidding me! 
Look at this precious little gift that was left on my front lawn this morning? 

It’s a good thing I walked outside and saw this before Sweets did since she was playing at the sand table as I was inside watching her from the kitchen window because there is no doubt, she would’ve given it the touch, and possibly taste test.
Ok, if that were me & let’s say forgot my poop bag (giving them the benefit of the doubt), I would have been so mortified, (especially seeing all the kids’ toys out front) that I would have left a note and/or knocked on the door apologizing profusely & telling the person I would be back to clean it up, hell, I would’ve picked it up with my bear hands. I am now on a mission & determined to catch any & all dog owners (because I’ve seen a few passing by our house) walking their dog empty handed, and give them a piece of my mind! I don’t even have to know pet owner etiquette, it’s common courtesy! (which obviously some people don’t comprehend nor adhere to)

**Honey, when you read this, yet another reason on my list why we need, yes, need our white vinyl “picket fence” surrounding our front yard to keep intruders off our property**

3 Responses to Are you shitting me?

  1. People can be so stupid!! Maybe the moron who allowed his dog to deposit those on your lawn thought he was doing you a favor by getting the girls ready for an Easter egg hunt. (I"m ready and willing to do the fence when you say the word) Love you, Dad

  2. LOL! OMGOODNESS I could not even stop laughing when I read the title to this post and the entire stinkin post!!! LOL My mother-in-law JUST had this very same conversation the day before. So sorry and so icky. Glad you found it before the kids did!

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