Window View

For the last 7 years of my career working in the aerospace industry, I supported proprietary programs which meant living working in buildings with no visual access to the outside world. I always fantasized about a “window view”.  A view of anything, really. A tree, some blue skies, heck even another building. 
Well, this morning while I was cleaning up in the kitchen and washing the dishes after breakfast, I realized I had a better view than from any office or cubicle window, better than our Dana Point oceanfront view from our time share condo, a better view than of any “wonder of the world”(not to say I wouldn’t like to visit/see them)
And although I’ve been feeling a little tired and running low on patience and endurance recently, I felt so incredibly blessed today. I know I’ve said it many times before but today was one of those days where I really felt it and so, I must say it again…
I love my job, I love my home, I love my family and I love this view.

(Dean, thank you for going through so much including much interior agony to make this happen. I never thought I would land a job that I could honestly say I love and about which I could feel so joyful, passionate and alive!
And Dad, thank you for creating a place for me that I can call my little “dream home”, and a home for my children where they have so many special and favorite places to play, to run, to learn, to call their own so that we never seem to get tired of our home. You are truly amazing!)
(Playing in her favorite spot as of late: a little pit hole of dirt that needs some patching from our recent sprinkler installations)

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  1. Marisa, You are so wise to be taking in all the "small" things that so many in our busy, status seeking society fail to take the time to savor. You inspire me with your uncanny ability to experience and savor all of God's gifts, even the subtle ones we sometimes overlook. The memories you are creating and storing in your memory bank will pay incredible dividends as time marches forward. You will not look back with the regret like so many people regrettfully do, when it is often too late. I salute you for living the day, the moment and all that every day and moment have to offer. Thanks for the inspirational post!! Love you, Dad

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