These Moments

This week has been filled with special moments. 
Bright, warm moments as I greet these angel eyes each morning well after 7am 
(after a continued 12+ hour stretch at night from 6 weeks of age)
You are so good to me, child.
(It’s time for our weekly hair cut, I see)

Tender moments between father and daughter that are simply irreplaceable

Peaceful (rare) moments when these 2 share and cooperate with one another, learning tools for life

Sweet moments when Spicy’s spontaneous and quite frequent, “I love you so much, Mommy” s warm my heart throughout the day.

(One particular time, I asked her, “why do you love mommy so much?” 
“Because you’re so beautiful!”
Aye, you sure do have a special sweetness about you.)
Funny moments
Relaxed, focused moments
And inquisitive moments while rays of sunshine warm our face and soft little hands explore & create
Thank you Lord for these moments filled with Your love!

4 Responses to These Moments

  1. I LOVE the first pic of Genevieve because Megan is the same way and its pics like that, that make me think her and Megan should be cousins! LOL
    Love all the pics your girls are beautiful! I miss you guys…

  2. Precious, simply precious!!! Thank you so much for allowing me to experience such wonderment and joy of being a grandpa even when I'm not in their presence.
    Love you, Dad

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