For months years now I’ve been trying to get Spicy’s hair to look the way it does after Mimi sends her home, bathed with this glamorous mane of golden locks. She would say she doesn’t do anything special… shampoo only and comb it through with a pic instead of a brush. Hum! Well, even after doing exactly what she says she does, I haven’t been able to get it as soft and as bouncy. I’ve tried everything. Shampoo only; conditioner only; shampoo, conditioner and detangler; baby shampoo, expensive stuff; combing with a pic; combing with a brush; you get the picture. Well, today, I think I struck gold. I’m not exactly sure what I did differently, other than brush it while she was laying down on the couch, hair on top of the pillow, rather than while she is sitting or standing in front of me, but it dried so soft, so curly, so naturally beautiful! This curly hair thing is an art, I tell you.  I couldn’t resist running to grab my camera and snapping until I got a decent shot (or 2).
So for documenting purposes, just in case it doesn’t stay this way or heaven forbid, she gets a hair cut and the curly golden locks never return…
…My cooperative model 
(oh did I forget to mention this required bribing her with jelly belly’s? Whatever it takes!)

Goodbye to my cute toddler, hello to my pretty little girl. (tear) 

**I just marvel at the difference in hair gene from sister (compare to post just below).
Getting SO anxious to see what our little guy looks like. Black wavy hair this time? hehe

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  1. Haha LOVE your post title! And I CANNOT believe how different A and G's hair is from each other…That is amazing, I have never seen anything like it. Just about as different as their personalities – Kinda tells you something ; )

  2. I never thought I would use the word georgous for a 3 yr 8 month old child, but what else can I say!? Cute just doesn't do her justice. (I'd love a blow up for my room)
    Love you, Dad

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