The Baby Blues

It’s been a little over a week since we found out that TreSoto is a boy! 
I think the reality is sinking in.
Big sis is sure ready for another newborn at home.
She has been very interested lately in carrying around her  “baby brother”
It’s so neat to hear her speak of him and witness her excitement for another sibling and her heart of gold.
(I just hope his nose isn’t so pronounced. tee-hee)
 About a quarter of Sweet’s closet has already being taken over by both new and used clothing in varying shades of blue.
And mommy is having a ton of fun researching nursery ideas, starting with a possible color palette.
As for names, we’re still thinking and praying and listening but it’ll be tough to find one that Daddy likes better than Soren Charles. 
After 2 of his favorite philosophers.
Any suggestions? 
What are your favorite boy names?

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  1. Marisa, Let me know when the transformation from green to blue is scheduled. I'll be there with paint brush in hand to eagerly pitch in! I'm excited!! Love you, Dad

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