Nailing it down

This is precisely why I wouldn’t just not mind having another girl, but I would be thrilled! 
After dinner, making S’mores with daddy in our firepit (this is becoming a favorite bonding activity of theirs and mommy doesn’t mind the results they bring in!) and a nice, long bath, in place of 2 bedtime stories, this was our bedtime activity tonight. It came totally from Spicy and after much deliberation, sapphire blue coming in a close 2nd, she settled on the familiar shade of cherry red!  
Very fitting for the month of February!
As a mom, I just can’t get enough of these moments….
I was amazed at the difference in her ability to sit still from 6 months ago, the last time we did this. The 1st thought that popped in my head with excitement was “she’s totally ready for the salon!” Not only did she sit still, she inquired about a second coat of sparkles and was warning me not to smudge them, sitting patiently until I assured her they were completely dry. Although we were encroaching  upon the sacred “lights out” time, there was no cutting short this special moment.
It’s such an interesting study to observe a 3 1/2 year old’s body language after a good manicure. C’mon, ladies, you know what I’m talking about…you just feel prettier which transcends into your movements! 
Well, without much exposure, this little one was definitely showing a more feminine side to her.
Case in point…
A glimpse into our precious interactions (but visualize her hands doing all the talking)
“Mommy, I want to be a princess. A real princess. Can I put my ballerina outfit on a be a princess for daddy?”
**A week from Friday we will find out TreSoto’s gender and we are Oh So excited (Spicy included)!!!!**

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