Happy Valentine’s Day

Thanks to a sweet friend’s invitation, we celebrated V-Day by attending a mini-retreat at a local church which consisted of 3.5 hours of food, fellowship and fruitful marriage advice for an incredibly inexpensive price.  Absolutely perfect for the busy, young family on a tight budget!  To add that extra special touch, we picked up some Starbucks latte’s and walked hand in hand to drop the little ones off and head to our event!  Ironically, the speakers turned out to be the beloved, highly esteemed, extremely intelligent but more importantly, Spirit-filled & wise man we seek out for counsel and his just as awesome wife. They are simply amazing because they are open vessels for God and He clearly speaks through them! It was so fun to meet some new people and simply see a (big) room full of married couples of all ages, ethnicity’s and backgrounds all striving for thriving marriages!
We learned a lot and we laughed a lot.
(By the way, if I’ve peaked your interest at all, do check out their book, Thriving Marriages by Dr John Yzaguirre, PhD & Claire Yzaguirre, MFT. It’s sooooooo good even for single and engaged people!)
What an inspiring (& practical) way to celebrate our Love! 
Daddy and I are both excited to put to practice many of the challenging and powerfully wise tips we received!
(& I’m super excited to listen to their parenting series on CD I picked up!) 

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!
From our family to yours.
And for a brief history on why we celebrate Valentine’s Day and where it came from, click here. 

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  1. Marisa, Wasn't the retreat awesome?!?!?! Mom and I felt so privileged to have been able to spend the day with you and Dean while listening to awesome and inspiring, spirit filled talks with quite a touch of humor!! Thanks so much for the invite and the tickets! Love you, Dad
    P.S. The picture is so Soto!! Perfect!!

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