Happy Birthday Mimi!

A perfect Sunday celebrating the most beautiful, important, wise, thoughtful, lovely woman, full of so many special graces, and one of my very best friends! 
What a fabulous time we had sharing each others company and a feast of a meal (dad’s all-time classic steak dinner) until our tummies and hearts were content.
Mimi was gracious enough to share the spotlight with a certain little one who gets just as, if not more, excited for everyone else’s birthdays as she does her own (assuming she can help blow out candles and open the gifts) Here she is thinking of the perfect wish…
And blow!!!
A little harder, Spicy…. “No problem, I’ve got trumpet lips!”
And a funny moment when we all discovered Nini & I picked out the same card for mom!
you are the pillar of our family and our spiritual journey and successes! Your steadfast faith, prayer life, acts of charity and unending love are gifts I hold tight to and appreciate with all of my being. I pray to walk in your footsteps of being a wife and mother who love with the love of Jesus. 
Happy 62 Years and here’s to an amazing 63rd!

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  1. Aw, your mom is such a sweetheart! I love that you and Miranda picked the same card out…that kinda stuff always happens with me and my sisters too with birthday/christmas gifts (but not cards – you know how the Zouras family doesnt DO cards…haha)! Great minds think alike ; )

  2. What wonderful pictures of a wonderful celebration. Don't you just love the pucker power of Alizea's lips? Thanks for always having your camera handy and ready. I remember the days when I took all the pictures. I love being a spectator!! Love you, Dad

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