Boy Or Girl??????

The Big Reveal Night…
Well, I’m not gonna spill the beans just yet…so for those of you who still don’t know, sit tight through all the party prepping pictures and don’t cheat and scroll to the bottom. RESIST..C’mon you have more self control than that!  
Anyway, what an exciting day! I shared with a couple of my best friends that I had the similar excitement and nervousness I had on my wedding day! 
It never ceases to amaze me how much gets accomplished operating solo, sans the kiddos. A HUGE thank you to Mimi for caring for the little ones for the day while I was transforming this
into this:
A closer look (Can you tell I’m proud of myself?, tee hee)

And Vwala:
 My last Before and After (I promise)…
Lollipops turned into heart suckers
Taking time for special moments before the guests arrive:
 Just my amazingly awesome, incredibly talented, super studly, heroically handsome, oozing with love for his family DAD! 🙂
Some more fun details:

Okay, let’s get this party started…It’s TACO Time!

Last chance for final guessing…
 And the guest of honor’s table 
(since after all, this super duper fun event wouldn’t have been possible without you, TreSoto):
Ironically, just before digging into the revealing cupcakes, the tally was tied at 9 girls and 9 boys with one vote left. Miranda steps up to break the tie (after initially faking us out)
And it’s reveal time! 
Drum roll please….
(You can see the determination on my face to race to get to the middle in one massive bite before I hear anyone blurt out the news)
Then. The moment.
 What a moment! It was so exciting and almost dreamlike. It was as if this bright blue blob of frosting was glaring me in the face for several minutes and all the shouts and screams surrounding me  became a muted, faded background clatter. Seriously, I’m not dramatizing. Okay, maybe just a tad. But it was extremely exciting! I think I was assuming pink because that’s what is comfortable and familiar. But boy, was I surprised! I was stunned, nervous, flabbergasted, elated, anxious all at once. But mostly just overjoyed to be “clued into” God’s plan for our family and celebrate my baby (& this pregnancy) in such a special way! 
In case you missed it…

 We’re having a BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Marisa, After having seen the pictures, read your words and relived the night I have teary eyes as I savor that magical night. It seemed like Christmas to me-the anticipation was so fun and then the day finally arrived and it was even more than I could have anticipated. The setting was absolutely perfect-such warmth, fun and attention to detail. I truly felt like an honored guest! I just marvel and thank God for these first time experiences that I continue to enjoy even at my advanced age! It was so much fun!! I remember the absolute astonishment and disbelief when I bit into the cupcake and stared at a color that first appeared green and I wondered if it could be dark pink, but soon realized that it was indeed BLUE!! I would have been equally happy with another princess, but the process made finding out so much fun and so special. Thank you so much for making the evening happen. It will, for sure, go into my memory bank as one of those unforgettable life moments!!! Thanks so much for taking the time to put together the picture account. I can relive the night now whenever I want to smile. I love you, Dad

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