B is for Boy, C is for Caleb

We’ve been seeing a lot of this little guy lately which is definitely adding to my excitement and increasing the anticipation for a little boy coming into our family.
I can only dream he will be as low maintenance and easy going as this special tot.
 It’s so fun to watch the dynamic change with a third in the mix and one of the male species. I see even more balance, shall we say, in my future, (namely a sibling strong enough to defend himself from the 1st-born’s passionate playfulness. I guess it will be awhile for that although this weekend another male cousin of less than a year clawed & climbed all over Spicy and yanked on her hair so hard that caused her to surrender her will like I’ve never seen before.) Balance, I say. God knows what He is doing.
On the other hand, I’ve also gotten a glimpse of daddy’s potential for rough-housing and wrestling that has me a bit scared. 
I’m so thankful for the bond these 3 (& soon to be 4) are forming. It’s something special and it’s a blessing for my children and for me.

How we love you, Caleb J!

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  1. Marisa, How exciting it must be for you and Dean to anticipate and be open to the upcoming changes in your family and the family dynamics. Very much of it is unforeseen but will play out in exciting and fullfilling ways. You and Dean are awesome and I can't wait to witness the growing of your family. Thus far it has been pure joy and wonderment!! Love you, Dad

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