Second Chances

Today I lugged 60 pounds of sugar and spice and everything nice to the park in our neighborhood. I was a little extremely reluctant after our last experience at the park which involved an overly tired tot expressing her contempt over leaving so audibly that I am positive every house in the Brentwood track could hear her as we passed by on our 20 minute walk home. 
On the way there, feeling emotionally drained & my faith challenged due to several recent events, the Lord spoke to me. 
 The message was simple (as always) and obvious but nevertheless powerful and oh, so refreshing. He said, just as you are giving Spicy a second chance to show better behavior at the park, I have given you a second chance and I will always give everyone a “second” chance. Bringing to mind where I came from: a selfish, joy-less, lonely life with a deep void I could never seem to fully fill with my own pleasures and those of the world, to a place of mercy and redemption, a place that restores and fulfills my purpose in life, that brings overflowing peace and joy, living for Jesus alone, I was humbled and I was encouraged.

Then I declared my sin to you; my guilt I did not hide. I said, “I confess my faults to the LORD,” and you took away the guilt of my sin. Selah 
Psalm 32:5

With sore biceps, an achy lower back and a desire to just stay in bed, I sensed Him smiling at me as I towed 2 tots in the wagon and 1 in my pouch, giving my day to Him. 
The park experience was wonderful.
Unexpectedly (of course), I met an older man with a thick accent in traditional Indian garb with 2 absolutely adorable 10 month-old identical twin boys who captured the girls with his warm smile. 
A bit later, I met a friendly college student by night, nanny by day, who was incredibly knowledgeable, impressively mature and remarkably natural with the 3 boys under 4 that she watches.
Spicy and her new found friend, Jacob, played so well together sharing cars and carrying on adorable conversations. 
Just look at you. In your long pigtails on the big kid swing. You are just beautiful, inside and out. And today, you taught me so much about second chances.
 This is Sweet’s second chance at blowing the wind-borne dandelion seeds…
…You’re getting closer baby doll

All three of us had a great time fulfilling each of our needs for interaction, fresh air, Vitamin D, exercise and plenty of exploratory contacts, both natural and man-made. And when it was time to leave, the only response I got was 
“Yes, mommy”…
Imagine that!

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  1. Good for you for trying again! We are in a "phase" where Brayden throws a FIT everytime we leave somewhere fun…not fun!!

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