One Year, Oh My Dear!

Happy Birthday Sweet one!
Exactly one year ago this morning, I was taking a hot shower to try and relax while timing my contractions in a state of semi-shock that the day had finally arrived. After one induction and only 24 hours away from a second, I had my doubts. The anticipation and excitement was at its all time peak and I was so incredibly anxious to meet you, to see your face, smell your newborn goodness and show you my love for you that began even prior to your conception. Never could I imagine such a beautiful angel…

Looking back, your entrance into this world was true to your nature: smooth, cooperative, beautiful and dare I say, easy?! You have been such a blessing to our family in more ways than one. You have this composure about you, poise really, that brings incredible balance to all three of our beings. I realize it sounds a bit odd to speak of a one year old baby like that but anyone that knows you (& your sister) would agree. You teach & comfort Spicy, Mommy and Daddy simply with your quiet, unassuming, disarming, soothing stare look.

You are quite independent. Daddy and I laugh at and admire the way the simplest thing, like a sticker or headband or shoelace can keep you entertained for so long. You seem to study everything and enjoy your own company!
You are on the move but you are still very cautious (thank you!)
In the last month you:
-have weaned from breast to bottle practically overnight (when mommy had a horrid 48 hr flu) with complete ease and no trouble true to form yet again.
-have taken 1st steps before falling to your hands and knees but you definitely prefer to reach our for a helping hand.
-have continued babbling, however your most commonly used word by far is “dadda”
(you are definitely daddy’s girl)
-Still only have 2 teeth
-Sign “all done” 
-blow kisses
You also have accumulated a number of nicknames from big sis. For the record they are to date:
-Beem Beem
What a treasure you are! More precious than gold.
Thank you for giving us life, Sweet thing!
You are one special girl!

3 Responses to One Year, Oh My Dear!

  1. Goodness gracious, those first 2 pics of her are just BEYOND adorable!! She really has SUCH a sweet spirit already. You and Dean really have 2 precious girls!

  2. Unbelievable capture of the many faces and moods of Sweet "G". They are so adorable that I just want to take a bite out of them. You are developing quite a touch with the camera, although with a subject like "G", it is difficult to take a bad picture. But you have gone much further than just taking a technically good picture-you have indeed captured her essence-no small task. I want some of these pics of "G" as well as some of the previous (post) of Alizea. Please, don't tire of snapping pictures and taking the time to envelope them in your insightful, witty, reflective and loving words. Your posts bring me so much joy and completes my involvement in your and the kids' lives. Love you, Dad

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