It’s a Wonderful Life

Some people wonder how we SAHM’s can do it. You know, being trapped in your home (which is quite the oxymoron, don’t you think?) all dreaded day long with no adult interaction wiping snot and poop while your brain turns to mush. 
Well, I’ll admit it’s challenging at times. There are days that drag on, just like everybody else’s and my creativity and level of unselfishness and patience are tested to the core. But ultimately, I think it’s because we have become arrogant, stiff robots (me included) and have forgotten the words of Christ.
“Amen, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of God”
Matthew 18:3
When I study the behavior of my children, I notice that they wake up every morning full of joy, appreciative for the gift of life, carrying nothing from the prior day and never worrying about the future. 100% living in the moment. Quick to forgive, slow to anger, rich in kindness (hey, that sounds familiar) 
One thing is certain. Every day is an adventure and there are always unexpected surprises (And how I love surprises!) Take today, for example. I envisioned a quick, simple task of watering the lawn & plants while the children play together quietly from afar.
Somehow that picture perfect idea turned into this…
And yes, it was demanded of me to participate in the fun of getting sprayed by ice cold water. (At least it was in the high 70’s despite it being ‘winter’ still)
A bit later, yet another surprise. While I was putting Sweets down for her morning nap, Spicy was in her room busy preparing for this…
(And yes, she placed the cookies overlapping at the perfectly propped angle. wink, wink) 
How delightful!

Yes, my job is physically and emotionally tiring wearing fatiguing. But when I think of being back in my cubicle sitting under those fluorescent lights staring into that bright monitor while my precious ones are being cared for, and formed by someone else… Well, I can’t even think too long before I feel sick to my stomach. In other words, I wouldn’t have it any other way. 
It’s a Wonderful Life indeed!

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  1. wow, that is so true…they DONT worry about the future or "fret" over things that happened yesterday like WE do. good perspective!

  2. Indeed, we have so much to learn from the innocense and purity of heart, soul and mind of children. How wise you are to realize this fact and remember it especially in those trying moments that mothers must feel daily. Keep the faith!!!! Love you, DAd

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