We are recovering from sugar overload; a super fun, exciting, long birthday celebration day with no naps; and several nights with little sleep for mommy (this time totally self inflicted due to crafting obsessions, not difficult children). We are detoxing and recouping. This means staying in our PJs until well after 10am I can’t take the mommy guilt any longer. 
 And thoroughly enjoying our “new play area” (as Spicy calls it)
And since I must fill the void for the need to be productive, practicing on my new Nikon 3100!

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  1. wait a minute, i posted a comment about wanting to see some of the 1,000,000 pics miranda and dean took on sunday but then i deleted it because when i went into my dashboard, it said you had a post about her bday. but then when i go on your blog, i see no post. i am so confused!

  2. Awesome pictures!! A budding future awesome photographer, for sure. Oooh, I just love the feet and lips!!! Keep 'em comin'!! Love you, Dad

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