After the Rain

Three ladies dressed and out the door and it’s not even 9 o’clock?
Accessorized and even make-up on mommy, now that’s a big shock!

To the store, list in hand, a routine trip filled with surprise,
Giggles and squeals, lots of great deals, too quickly came the demise.
 Meals and naps went smoothly without a single whine. 
Helping hands to clean & wash until floors and counters did shine.
 Lots of sharing and affection, how these two love each other so,
They sustain me and bless me, leaving no room for any woe.
Patience was plenty, time was abundant, renewed enjoyment without a care,
Dinner made, exercised, prayed & shockingly, energy to spare!
A family trip to see a true friend, the source of all strength and grace,
A perfect ending to the day, for after the rain the son shines upon your face.

One Response to After the Rain

  1. Your poetry puts mine to shame. You have such a gift with words and expressing yourself. Reading about your day makes me regret not being part of it. It's obvious that your time together is always special, filled with love and filled with relationship building-investments that will pay HUGE dividends for many, many years to come. Love you, Dad

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