These past 2 weeks have been a turning point in our family life.
At least worth documenting to look back on when we’re in our 80’s…
 …and perhaps give our offspring and future generations something to ponder…

After much praying & waiting and waiting & praying, we decided to seek counsel. Wise counsel. VERY wise counsel. Oh, I don’t know. Something about a re-integration from a year-long separation presenting tremendous challenges, adjustments & difficulties due to a new way of living than that of what we were accustomed to (namely the single life while married with child), practically starting over as new parents but with a strong-willed 20 month-old in the mix, 2 pregnancies in an 18-month period, 1 new baby, Dean launching his side business (which involved countless hours and long nights), and the decision to quit my job and live on a single income had us, shall we say, overwhelmed
(note: for recording purposes, the above all took place in less than 2 years time.) 

Because of this decision, Dean and I have been transformed, individually, as a couple and as a family unit. Our way of thinking has been been challenged, our communication has been challenged and the way we live each and every moment has been challenged. And because of the direct intervention and involvement of the Holy Spirit (through his incredible servant Dr. Yzaguirre), we feel a renewed love between us and with our children.
This verse pretty much sums it up:
 “Behold, I make all things new” 
Revelation 21:5

 This transitional time (yet again) reminds me how grateful I am for a husband, a friend, a provider, a true lover in every sense of the term who has been open & honest with himself & with me, willing to change even when it hurts, inspiring me to do the same, leading, initiating, seeking God, making us laugh and loving at all times.

So while our life may not be picture perfect…
We have discovered the secret (in a new way) to living a happy, fulfilling, harmonious life at every moment of every day and we praise God for His most perfect timing (as always)! 

**And it doesn’t hurt that I am noticing a HUGE improvement in how I am feeling and my energy level is almost back to normal! HALLELUJAH!!!!!**

2 Responses to Breakthrough

  1. You guys are brave to admit that, "Gee maybe we cant do this ALL by ourselves." Good for you for seeking Godly wisdom which will surely help you in the day to day and for a lifetime. Marriage is NOT easy and it gets harder when you add kid(s) to the mix. I think we all need some help.

    On a sidenote, love your new family pics! And I am secretly jealous that you are already starting to feel better AND get your full energy back. Sigh…my day will come too, I know! Hey, maybe I should start drinking coffee again ; )


  2. Marisa, Your and Dean's humility, openness to change and the desire for growth is most admirable and truly indicative of how mature you are as individuals and as a couple. Good for you!!! I can see a difference in both of you and I am so grateful that you were both willing to be vulnerable. Vibrant relationships are ALWAYS changing and the individuals must change along with it and you two will be very successful! I am so proud of you and marvel at the evolution of your relationship as your family grows and presents more and different challenges. But instead of allowing the challenges to overwhelm you, you use them as springboards to deeper understanding and to reach new levels of relationship. You are an inspiration and model to young and old!!!! I love you, Dad

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