A Very Merry Christmas Indeed!

This was the second Christmas in a row that along with Christ’s birth we celebrated the most special gift of a new life inside my womb and the anticipation of our family expanding. Another reason this year’s Christmas season was so special was Spicy’s intense excitement in everything from opening her chocolate windows on her Advent calendar each night to Christmas lights any and everywhere to Santa Claus and the way she shared her joy with all of us!
One of the highlights of our week-long celebration was definitely Christmas Eve with the ‘Emde’ side of the family including lots of little rascals running around and a surprise visit from yes, Kris Kringle himself.
Reactions ranged from pure exhilaration

To deep curiosity

To hesitant apprehension
but a wonderful time feasting, laughing, loving and sharing had by all and we were all sad when it came time to saying goodbye.

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  1. It was so much fun being Santa and getting to see the kids' reactions first hand. These pictures are precious and speak a million words. I hope to be part of many, many more Christmases.

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