11 months!

Hurray for the almost 1 year old!
 Even in the midst of a prolonged intense cold and cough, you are such a happy, joyful, peaceful young lady.

In the last month, you have
-started clapping
-shaking your head all over the place when you dance or in your high chair, seemingly saying “no” to more food.
-shown much enjoyment in handing things to people (& taking them back) and you respond immediately to “thank you” by handing over some foreign object you are not supposed to be putting in your mouth
-started giving kisses, open mouth slobbery “french” kisses, mind you, true to your name’s origin. Bapa was the 1st lucky victim.
-started letting go to whatever you are holding onto while standing up
-increasing your defensive moves when big sis is playing way too rough, smothering, or bullying you with her size.
It is so neat to see you do things big sister never did at this age (or ever) like dunking your (entire) face in the bath tub gulping a good amount of water…and repeating…again and again…

You have also taken a special interest in baby dolls, and certain stuffed animals. 

Although, I’m not sure what this facial expression is all about.
You are my sweet, sweet baby and I am sad I won’t be able to call you that correctly for very much longer. 
Thank you for being such a cooperative, patient, forgiving sister and daughter! 
And of course for your sweet baby snuggles and cuddles which are a first for me 
(even though you are not my first baby) 😉

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  1. As happy as we are to see our kids grow and reach the next stage, I remember the accompanying sadness in realizing that they are forever leaving one stage, never to be experienced or revisited again. Such is life!! Savor and enjoy every moment, as I know you do. Love you, Dad

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