Standing Tall

Look who’s standing up?
I’ve seen her pull herself up a hand full of times but never had my camera nearby. This is always as a result of wanting to be in the action with big sis. Well, this time, she stood there long enough for me to leave the room, find my camera, re-enter the room, try turning it on only to discover the battery was dead (of course), unplug my phone that was charging, find the camera app and snap away!
And she even let go of one hand. 
Confidant are we?!

“Oh yeah! I’m a big girl! This is easy peasy”. 
 She will be taking those first steps any day. 

Uh oh! Mommy is really in for it now!

3 Responses to Standing Tall

  1. What a milestone! You are so happy and proud today, but I suppose you know that the inevitable stage will soon arrive when sweet G is motoring around the house at light speed. At least now she only moves as fast as she can crawl, which gives you 30 to 45 seconds lead time. When she's running, you'll have about 5 seconds. Ha Ha. By the way, the pictures are adorable. I know I'm biased, but Genevieve is soooooo cute. Love you, Dad

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