He’s still At It

I think a big reason why I am feeling better this week is that I get to see this wonderful man first thing in the morning. 

 I get to share about my degree of nauseating discomfort, complain about a certain child who does not always want to stay in her bed at night and just smile more than usual.
Just in case you were wondering, he’s still at it…
Still the beloved Bapa by his two puppies granddaughters who follow him around everywhere.
Still making their day, showering them with love and fun and bringing joy to their spirit…

 And still improving the functionality and looks of our home.
Meet the helper bees…
While I do wish he would use his vacation days to sleep in, relax in Hawaii or get a massage for those overused muscles, I welcome, am thankful for, and absolutely relish in the opportunity to spend so much precious time in his presence.  

Oh, and he babysits and does dishes while on Spicy watch for over 2 hours! 
Seriously, can a dad and ‘Bapa’ be any cooler (even with his briefs pulled over his T-shirt) and can I be any more spoiled blessed??? 
 I think not!

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