Friday Freebie

Attention All Bloggers!!!
Thanks to my good pal, Mandi over at the Hott Spott, I found out about a great deal over at Shutterfly. So great, it’s free. Really. FREE! 
You don’t believe me, do you? (dad!) Well, read on.
So, I had just browsed through the Shutterfly holiday catalog advertising all of their great products and although I have ordered photo books (just fabulous gifts) & birthday invitations in the past and been very pleased with their quality, traditionally, we get our Xmas cards through Costco. This is mainly because I’m just crunched for time. We’re talking, the day before Xmas, I’m ordering the photo cards (sometimes, taking the photo), picking them up an hour later, addressing them and mailing them all within a couple hours so that people get their cards before New Years.
But seeing their enticing product line and deals this year, I vowed to get on the Xmas card making process much earlier and now reading about this fabulous promotion, I’m extra extra motivated! 

I think the best thing about Shutterfly Xmas cards is the countless choices for card styles and layouts. My frustration with Costco cards has always been that there is one or two card choices with more than 1 or 2 picture slots and I’m always looking for more since I have such a hard time picking a great photo. 
Case in point. 
And this one.

 I just love the collage-y style.
Something about capturing random snapshots of many joyous memories and occasions to share with loved ones!
And so perfect for this year’s card since it will include all 8 of us Emde/Soto’s with varying combinations of those 8 individuals.
Not certain but a little sneak into the one I’m leaning toward…

I’m loving the color combination and think it might be neat to try the folded card for a change!

Anyway, check it out here and enjoy!

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  1. PS I like your annual extremely late christmas/new years cards! I look forward to them actually. Cuz its like whenever christmas is over and I get sad about it, BAM i get a Soto card in the mail and it makes the happy season last THAT much longer ; )

  2. Great idea, Marisa. I really like the option to include a variety of pics, since I know we are going to have a huge selection of awesome shots from our family photo op! Thanks for the research. I don't know how you find the time, but you manage to squeeze every minute of every day, with little or nothing wasted!!! See you manana! Love you, Dad

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