Be Fruitful & Multiply

The first commandment in the Bible.
One of the few commandments that I am half way decent at obeying.

Yes, this shirt is on the correct child

Yes, as in Daddy and I have multiplied…again.
Yes, as in I’m pregnant… UH-gain!

My reaction:
Excited. No, make that ecstatic. A tad surprised. A little nervous. A teensy shocked. But excited. Very excited. So excited that I was pretty disappointed the last 4 months or so after thinking I might be pregnant only to find out… my cycle was just less than perfectly regular due to the nursing. So excited that I had been expressing my yearning and hope (& feeling of readiness) for another baby to several friends and family members (& even on here, if you’ve been paying close attention) for the past several months. So excited that I have had the design of the girls future combined room planned out in my head for quite some time along with several fun projects I have been itching to get started on. So excited that it was extremely hard to contain my desire to run around the house jumping up and down screaming for joy upon finding out, as the girls were napping… 

Did I mention, I was excited??? 🙂

(Don’t get me wrong. The thought of 3 whining children under the age of 4 due to legitimate needs all vying for mommy’s attention at the same time, 3 mouths to feed & 3 bums to wipe overwhelms me to the point of panic…you know the feeling… the sweaty palms, the fast heart rate and shortness of breath… But then my reason kicks in and tells me 1) plenty of other woman not only do it but thrive and do it quite successfully 2) it’s inevitable and part of the gig so might as well welcome it with open arms and 3) it will make me a stronger person, transform me and ultimately bring me closer to God which is what it’s all about.)
Dean’s reaction:
Definitely excited. I think that pretty much covers it. ha!

Spicy’s reaction:
Perhaps this dialogue says a great deal: 

M: Sweetheart, mommy is going to have another baby. Are you excited?
A: oh yes, I loooove babies, they’re my favorite.
A: Where is the baby?
M: well, we have to wait 9 months to see the baby
A: No, NOW!!!!!
M: Do you want to have a baby sister or a baby brother.
A: I want a baby sister like Genevieve and a baby brother like Caleb. (Hmm, I don’t think twins run in either side of the family)
And with that, she gave my tummy a kiss and made her adorable affectionate face, squinting her eyes and speaking in her ‘baby voice’, saying screeching,”teekle, teekle, teekle” (said with increasing volume and pitch) as she tickled my stomach with her chubby little pointer finger.
Melt. My. Heart.

Sweet’s reaction:
Well, even in the midst of cutting her 1st few teeth (which means battling swollen, red gums, fever & diarrhea), she continues to be a perfect baby reassuring me when the fear tries to creep in, (or outsiders try to freak me out) that everything will be fine.
1st person I told:

I love that.
I love how we have such an incredibly unique grandmother/granddaughter relationship and such a special, rare bond that I truly consider her one of my closest friends. I love that without a hesitation, she was the 1st one I ran to, to share my excitement with. And what perfect timing that she was here visiting for the week to make it possible to do that in person.  Thank you Lord for that special gift.

Physical changes: 
-I have to pee. All. The. Time. But more so in the middle of my normal sleep pattern which is terribly annoying especially when I can’t go back to sleep. 
-I have lost much of my desire for my morning (which becomes mid-day which often becomes evening) cup of coffee. Wrong. Just plain wrong, I tell you. I so enjoyed my warm, energy- boost cup of goodness. Sigh.
-Random cravings like sour creepy crawlers and grilled onions (not together, Eeeew, gross) and quesadillas 1st thing in the morning. Oh and Starbuck’s latte’s but I guess that one can’t be totally blamed on pregnancy (Shhh, don’t tell Dean)
-Feeling twinges and pulling/stretching sensations in the lower abdomen area (which is to be expected). After all, there is a lot going on inside there. And I hear with each pregnancy, you feel more & more.
-A constant dull headache (which of course could be from the blow to my head by Miss Spicy when she was attempting to place slam the puzzle piece into her puzzle and missed the puzzle by a few inches. At least she is living up to her nickname very well. 

– Very mild nausea. I wouldn’t even call it nausea. More like an “empty stomach” hunger pain feeling which naturally goes away when I eat something 
(Note to self: MUST CONTROL THE URGE TO CONSTANTLY EAT. I refuse to gain 50 pounds thrice over). 
And you better believe I’m saying every prayer known to man to keep it this way. Every pregnancy is different right? (Wishful thinking maybe)
Current fascination:

That my body is providing and sustaining life to three individuals simultaneously:
Baby 3 via womb,
Sweet G via breast, and  
muah via hand to mouth to stomach process.
Our bodies truly are incredible machines.
I’m pretty sure God knew what He was doing.

Some of the verses our Lord has brought to my attention lately:

Find your delight in the LORD who will give you your heart’s desire.  
Psalm 37:4

 How blessed are all who fear Yahweh, who walk in His ways! Your own labors will yield you a living. Happy and prosperous will you be. Your wife a fruitful vine in the inner places of your house. Your children round your table like shoots of an olive tree. Such are the blessings that fall on those who fear  Yahweh. 

Psalms 128:1-4

I will make your descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky and will give them all these lands, and through your offspring all nations on earth will be blessed. 
Genesis 26:4

I came so that they might have life and have it more abundantly. 
John 10:10

So, that’s the buzz around here. Please join us in praying for a healthy pregnancy and delivery and thank you all in advance for your loving support!!!

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  1. Yahoooooo I am the first one to see this!!! Congrats to you guys!! Such a blessing to your little/BIG family! Love you! XOXO

  2. Congrats!! We're SO excited for you guys!! More little ones to join the play dates 🙂 Enjoy this special time. Love ya!

  3. Such wisdom and incredibly insightful perspective on life and changes in your life. How lucky your children are to have such a sensitive, appreciative, well grounded Mommy! All of your sowing will bear wonderfully bountiful fruits for many, many years to come. Might I add my reaction to your collection of thoughts and reactions-total and complete surprise (which is hard to do with me) and elation and wonderment. I can honestly say that the excitement hasn't waned since the news of #1. Know that Mom and I will be there for you always! Love you, Dad

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