Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Today is Thursday. 
That means a certain Spicy princess willingly and excitedly gets whisked away by her fairy godmother (aka, Mimi) chauffeuring her in her special pumpkin carriage Navigator ride with personal flat screen and all.
That means she gets to burn off some energy twirling and hopping and gets spoiled with one on one love and attention. 
That means she usually comes back with an expanded vocabulary in more than one language.
That means mommy gets a much welcomed end of the week break to catch up on chores and rest.
That means a certain Sweet one also gets some undivided attention.

That means we get to sit and chat in a most simple but peaceful language.
 That means she has ample opportunities to stare into my eyes and remind me that I have the most important job in the world when fatigue and weariness (& frustration from correcting a toddler) try to beat me down.
That means she gets to have uninterrupted time on the swing originally purchased for her that big sister often dominates.
That means we are all a tad more recharged and excited to be reunited and…
That means I get to see my mommy twice in one day which is more than enough of a boost to lift me through the remainder of the week.

3 Responses to Absence makes the heart grow fonder

  1. Marisa, I wish I could take only a thread of credit for your incredible way of looking at the world and it's everyday offerings. You are so wise beyond your years and I marvel and learn from your outlook on life and it's daily occurrences. You maximize every opportunity, whether it's clothed in positive, uplifting garments or the seemingly dark, uninviting veil of gloom. It seems that there is no bad day in your life because of your Godly outlook. Thank you for the example you provide to those of us fortunate enough to know you and be close to you. See you tomorrow morning!!! Love you lots, Dad

  2. I really love the three shots of Genevieve, especially the one that shows off her pink sparkly shoes! I can't believe how fast she is growing!!

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