Three’s a CHARMer

This little guy…
 in his quiet, unassuming way is quite the charming little fellow

He shared & played impressively well for a two year old whose behavior was the furthest thing from “terrible” and 15 months his junior, I could tell Genevieve appreciated this very much in contrast to the bullying badgering pestering she experiences daily.
Spicy couldn’t sit close enough to him watching their favorite “Blues Clues” video
And he sat unbothered  like the sweet gentleman he is, until he decided to bust out his dance moves for the ladies
And of course, obliged to give Spicy a kiss that she so desperately wanted
What a special time we had with Mr. Caleb today. 
You have such a pleasant, happy, calm, funny, easy-going, fun personality! 
You definitely reinforced my desire & excitement to have more babes around the house.  You are an absolute pleasure to have around.
(Kudos to Momma & Memaw for an amazing job you are doing, teaching & loving him) 
We love you and we can’t wait for the next play date!

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  1. I've always held that cousins have a very unique bond that can be lasting for a life time. Knowing your relationship with your cousin Jenny, I have a strong suspicion that your girls and Caleb will have a special bond. Love you, Dad

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