SoTo-tally Rocker Chics

I’m sorry but who else can pull off a dress with an 80’s flare, a pair of patten leather boots with peace signs, uncombed hair and still look hot struttin’ her stuff on a shattered concrete runway???

And her sidekick sis is pretty cute even with the mullet going on, the fur vest and the 80’s stretch pants, don’t you agree???

“Like, have a So-totally Rockin Day!”

4 Responses to SoTo-tally Rocker Chics

  1. haha! No, that dress wasn't for Xmas, just because she needed some church clothes…I guess that was confusing since it was in the pic…I actually returned the Xmas dress I got for her and I…bc I really want to find matching ones for both girls and mine didn't fit super well! Darn, more shopping to do 😉

  2. OH MYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY toooooooooooooooooooooo cute I'm in love with my nieces!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can not handle how cute Alizea is with her pose and G's endearing look with those big brown eyes- AH! These are going in my office!

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