Shoppin on the Run

Let me start by saying the double jogging stroller is sooooo much easier to push without the larger of my 2 children in tow. 40 pounds easier. But I’ll come back to that. 
Since today is Mimi’s special day with Spicy attending her HB classes (with I’m sure some extra fun outings and maybe some cold treats with sprinkles on top?), I was faced with a most difficult dilemma…
What to do with lots of extra time I am not used to having??? I knew I wanted needed to exercise but I was trying to convince myself that it was the best use of my time. Can you believe vacuuming and doing dishes were things actually competing for its importance. Don’t worry, they were only passing thoughts. I nursed and changed Sweets, laced up the ole jogging shoes and off we went. I decided I needed some motivation to actually make it worth my while, that is, jogging more than 100 feet before giving up, so my destination goal was about 2.5 miles away to one of my favorite shopping centers. Joanne’s, Ross, Marshall’s, Home Depot and Starbucks all in the same space. Are you kidding me? See why I hardly don’t mind not having a car? 
It was a successful shopping spree run. We only lost dropped 1 headband (mine, not baby’s) and 1 toy. Not bad. I even exercised my will depriving myself of a latte (After all, they are not in our weekly budget, at least not at the rate I’ve been consuming them). We also found some great buys (we’re talking dresses for $8 or less, Calvin Klein dress shirts for $12. I think Alizea’s shoes were the most expensive purchase) that got my creative juices flowing for Christmas family outfits. We’re going edgy this year. Here is a sampling: 
 Oh. my. How cute are these??? Now if I could only find a matching pair for Baby G
I missed my Spicy one today but it was oh so nice to sleep in until 8:30 after getting 10 hours of much needed uninterrupted sleep, to take a long but leisurely run, to do something very fun (shopping, duh!) and to be oh so productive on the home front. 
In honor of my jogging/shopping partner here is my “mini-me”…
“Nice taste, girlfriend. Where do you shop?”
I so treasure my special days with you, Sweet Genevieve.

A BIG “THANK YOU” to Mimi for such an incredible gift of LOVE (to all 3 of us girls!)

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  1. The boots are adorable, especially on Alizea's feet. Good for you in treating yourself to something you want. You deserve it! Love you, Dad

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