Rain, Rain You May Stay…

Before becoming a mom, I’m pretty sure a day beginning with dark clouds, runny noses and no freedom vehicle would have put a damper on the day, altering my attitude and mood to something slightly less than enthusiastic and optimistic. However, once again, the little ones show me how turn a gloomy day into a very happy one.
Sweet’s garb got me motivated to put some fall decorations out and sparked a fun conversation about Halloween costumes this year. 
After much resistance, I think I successfully persuaded Spicy that a ghost costume would not only be dangerous but lacking major cute-ness factor.  She settled on a ballerina fairy as long as she could have a magical wand to turn people into things. Very well, hun. Your wish is my command. She also suggested that Sweet G be a lady bug & daddy a pumpkin!
I’m ok with that, I guess. Besides, it would be difficult to top the prior 2 years’ costumes:

2008:                                                                            2009:

Although this one has been a little under the weather and the spunk mark was reading low on the radar, I still couldn’t keep her from the adventures that awaited us outside.

 So, I resolved to do some laundry while she played in the dirt

Making a suitable nest for her baby bird
And when the drizzle decided to turn into a downpour, we lit a spiced cider candle in honor of fall, completed about a dozen puzzles and baked a couple loaves of banana bread!

I was reminded today of a verse Our Lord often brings to my mind which keeps my attitude in check and brings my heart to a closer state of that of my children.
“Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven”
Matthew 18:3

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