Nine Months

In honor of the October festivities, like the Harvest Carnival at the church that big sis is currently attending with Daddy and Bapa Frank, we decided to go a lil’ country-ish, y’all.
Those eyebrows say it all. You have an incredible innocence about you. I know all children do to a point but yours is very different. I can already tell it is special. And your patience and forgiveness, wow! I am continually astonished at how little you cry, fuss, grimace despite the chaos that surrounds you, the love pokes, the teething, the colds inherited from older sis, the list goes on of valid reasons. I definitely learn from you daily in a powerful way. 
It is incredible how well you do on your own and how you are able to entertain yourself. You enjoy interaction but at the same time, it is very evident that you don’t mind being on your own, playing in peace, lying in the quiet, enjoying your own company, which is a stark contrast to the 9 month old (& 3 yr. old) of an older sibling who thrives (even sleeps better) with noise, people, contact, etc. You are also a bit more cautious and vigilant that Spicy. This is your “I’m not so sure I want to partake in that, sister” look which you give her quite often when she is mauling playfully wrestling with you or doing something far too silly and juvenile for you.
And those lashes! People pay big big bucks to achieve your God-given beauty sweet baby girl! 
 You sure do live up to your nickname. Everything about you is plain …sweet. In fact, just today, Bapa and I were commenting how even your crawl is so meticulous, calculated, cautious, gentle, perfect, sweet!!!
In the last month, you:
-have started crawling full time, no kidding around anymore.
-are still toothless but definitely showing signs that they (meaning more than one) are very close to showing themselves
-respond (quite well to my surprise) to “NO” which is always in response to putting some foreign object in your mouth
-have had a major growth spurt, now sporting nothing smaller than size 12mo, often 18 month clothing.
-started reaching out like this: (this one melts daddy every time)

-are the reason I feel 100% ready and capable of having a 3rd pregnancy and child whenever God deems is right. (you are that easy)
We are so in love with your calming, mature, quiet, serene, inquisitive, pure, sweet temperament and the balance that it brings to our home.

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  1. Genevieve is indeed a gem!! Unique and precious to the nth degree. She often strikes me as being contemplative and extremely observant. It'll be fun to see how our impressions play out as she grows up. I can't wait!! Love you, Dad

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