Family Day

How I treasure days like today. 
Forcing ourselves to slow down a bit . To try not to worry about work, projects, cleaning, schedules. To truly enjoy the gift of each member of our family. I was telling Dean at some point in our car ride that the day gave me the feeling we had while on vacation. Just being together, enjoying each moment as they came. 

The girls slept in until 8 o’clock which was a nice way to start the day (Thank you Neenee, or is it Nini? Anyway, thank you for wearing them out last night).  We enjoyed a scrumptious cinnamon swirl french toast (if you have never tried this 2 inch thick heavenly bread courtesy of Costco, you are seriously missing out) and omelet brunch made by  
yours truly. 
It is always a special treat when Bapa joins us and miraculously all five of us were able to eat at one time. Rarely does that happen. Then just before Sweet’s morning nap, we headed out the door because Bapa was using the jack hammer to do this…
…and thought she would have a better chance of sleeping in the car (which she did, of course, following her routine just perfectly!) Don’t worry sissies. Dad has a Mexican helper your brother-in-law to help haul all of this away saving his back a little 
 We visited a job site/house to make sure we liked the concrete color and stamp style that will be used on our house in a week (EEK!!! Cannot explain how excited I am) and ran a couple errands. Then we stopped at one of our favorite places to visit. It has more than enough choices for dining, any style or places to just grab a cup of hot cocoa, a playground and the beautiful beach all in one. Now that’s tough to beat for a family with little ones looking for something enjoyable for all four of us! 

 Spicy insisted that I ought to push the stroller so she could hold Daddy’s hand. It was one time where I enjoyed not being wanted.

 Seriously, I don’t think she could possibly get any sweeter. Stopping to look and crack a smile behind that thumb sucking. Amazing, you are.

And Spicy, you sure do have a sweet side about you too…
which lasts about 2.5 seconds before the Spice factor appears…
But your passion and zeal is incomparable and blesses us beyond measure
Some side by side (or back to back) sister play while mommy & daddy chat it up with a schmoozing networking friend of daddy’s we ran into whom he met at a Tweet-Up…I was completely entertained by her English accent 🙂
Now, who says being a mom is hard work??? kidding. Do you notice that make-up never even had a chance today?! But at least at this moment, I felt completely relaxed, like a child again, without a care in the world

And in accord with the rest of the day, both girls fell asleep fairly effortlessly giving Daddy and I some much needed snuggling time.

“For of His fullness, we have all received grace upon grace” 

John 1:16

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  1. Your two girls are so expressive in their facial expressions-Alizea in a very open, uninhibited way with lots of flare and G in a quiet more subdued manner but still very powerfully expressive. I can't even begin to express the joy I get out of just watching these two jewels in my life! Love you, Dad

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