Birthdays & Trick-Or-Treating

This weekend was full of celebrations. We remembered Caleb’s ‘birth’day 2 years ago by rejoicing at “Pump it up”…

…where the adults were huffing and puffing harder than the kids.
It was a super fun excuse for us adults to act as silly sillier than the kids and release all of our tension from the variety of responsibilities of life. Oh, and the kiddos had a blast too!
Then, we celebrated Miranda’s 27th birthday in a tad more sophisticated setting at McKenna’s on the Bay enjoying scrumptious seafood with a waterfront view!

Auntie Neenee with Sweets in her onesie with a message

The beautiful, smart, fun, spunky, loyal, special birthday girl (having a good laugh)

Aye, how I love these 2 amazing ladies

And of course, then there was the commercial night of Halloween. Since Sweets’ schedule was thrown off, she took a very necessary nap during peak hours for trick-or-treating and to our surprise, Spicy was more than content being on the other side of the door this year. She got so excited hearing the doorbell ring, running to greet the trick-or-treaters, studying their costumes and putting candy in their sacks all by herself. That a girl, I think she already knows that it is better to give than to receive. (or at least that’s what I told myself when the guilt crept in, ha)
I don’t think she’ll be too traumatized by missing out. She’s had plenty of opportunities to dress up and trust me, she had her fill of sweets!

We hope you had a sbooctacular weekend!

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  1. You're forgiven, Mommy! There will plenty more opportunities for trick or treating in years to come.
    Nothing lost since Alizea will have no memory of Halloween 2010 and being "deprived!" Ha, Ha! Love you, Dad

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