Silly Boys, Trucks are for Girls

Some time ago, I saw the title of this post on a bumper sticker spinning off that famous “Trix” commercial slogan and it came to mind today.
You would think that with all those curls, she’d be 100% “girly girl”

But I’m afraid Spicy is not all about dolls and dresses (at least not right now).

Trains, yes.
 Trucks, yes.
Cars, yes.
 Dinosaurs, yes.
 Fishing (for cars), yes.
These are some of Spicy’s favorite activities lately. Don’t get me wrong. She is nurturing and motherly. She covers her dinosaurs with blankies when it’s “night night” time and tucks them into bed with a kiss. She takes good care of her tools so they won’t rust, meanwhile her not- so-cheap dollhouse is collecting a nice layer of dust and if she were their real mommy, she’d certainly be reported for child neglect as her 3 baby dolls never see the light of day behind closed closet doors.
Oh, but I should add that she was absolutely thrilled going to pick out her new ballet slippers for her weekly ballet class (Thank you, Mimi!!!) which she will start the week after we return from vacation!

I can’t wait to see her in her full gear!

 It’s been so fascinating, amusing, entertaining, fulfilling (& yes, still challenging at times) watching her unique personality continue to blossom, her focus and independent play increase tremendously and her communication multiply in the past month.

Some precious phrases as of late to document:

“Oh my goodness, Genevieve’s arm is so brown!” 
“Oh my goodness, it’s Five O’Clock” (Looking at her wrist when it’s only noon)
“Mommy, don’t get old”
“Mommy, let’s pray so your owie feels all better”
“What did you say?” (we hear this one over and over and over again as your curiosity has gone through the roof)

“What’s that sound like?” (meaning, “what’s that sound?”)

And a story that I never ever want to forget but I know I will if not documented:
I was asking you to look into my eyes so I could admire the color and then asked you “what color are mommy’s eyes?” You said, “blue, black and lellow. Just like a sunflower!” When I heard that, I almost burst into tears and literally felt a twinge in my heart.Why? Well, Daddy used to tell me my eyes looked like the most amazing sunflowers all the time when we were dating. He hasn’t said that in over 4 years. I didn’t even know you knew what a sunflower looked like!

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  1. Marisa, I just love the candid shots! They capture the essence of the two darlings of my life. Don't ever underestimate the wisdom, perception and teaching ability of kids, as your observations of Alizea's comments so clearly demonstrate. Thanks for sharing these awesome tidbits of inspiration. Love you, Dad

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