Reasons why today was a Terrrific Tuesday!
  • A surprise visit from my mom. Any amount of time with my mom is cherished and just plain enjoyable. But the unexpected ones are so special. I just adore the opportunity to be with her as we share our common blessing to be able to work from our homes and be somewhat in control of our time. 
  • A nearly three hour block to myself while the girls were taking naps concurrently. Cha Ching! Time to get my hands in my favorite hobbies. Writing. Typing. Blogging. Sewing. Decorating. All while enjoying a taste of the Starbucks experience right from my home office.
  •  A break from cooking tonight! I do enjoy making meals for the sake of my family to enjoy, giving them satisfied bellies but not particularly in and of itself.  Daddy had a schmoozing networking event tonight allowing me even more time to myself rather than in the kitchen prepping for dinner and cleaning up! Besides, Mac ‘N’ Cheese and PB &J Sandwiches are a totally healthy alternative!

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