High on Life!

We’re back!

What an absolutely wonderful time we had. 
Every moment was so serene. So peaceful. So blessed. 
Utah resident’s license plate slogan reads:  “Life Elevated”. On so many levels, we were indeed elevated above the drudges of daily life. 

The drive. 

9 hours there. 9 hours back, not to mention the 20+ hours in the car during the week and not once did we have an “incident”. The girls were amazing (mainly due to Auntie Sherry’s ingenious gift), in fact, we only had to stop one time on the way home. Pretty sure most adults can’t handle that.  Definitely, not what I was expecting. Definitely a very pleasant surprise. Lots of time in the car plus fabulously behaved little ones meant lots of conversing with daddy. Be it sharing about what I had just read about the incredible, holy, saintly Mother Theresa, discussing daddy’s business strategies, pondering the teachings of the brilliant philosopher Peter Kreeft or laughing so hard our belly’s hurt, I treasure those times we had. Ever since we have become parents and our relationship has changed dramatically and dynamically, I have been longing for the quality time together we got to experience in our family car. 

 So, on to our adventures. 

This is Bryce Canyon. Stunning. My camera doesn’t do it justice because the colors of the rocks were so vibrant.

Then we traveled to the top of the mountain. 

It couldn’t have been better timing because while the precious little ones were napping, Daddy and I were able to thoroughly enjoy the breathtaking views making several stops on the descent.  

This is a complete 100-mile panoramic view. Incredible, the painting the Master artist creates.

I will never understand how anyone can witness experience this and not believe in a Maker, our Creator.

These are called “hoodoos”. Don’t ask me why.

You couldn’t sculpt that even if you wanted to.

A romantic moment with my handsome hubby.

So after enjoying our newlywed moments, we took a kid family-friendly hike. At the sight of rocks, dirt and water, Spicy was in heaven.

Melt. my. heart.

A precious sister moment caught on camera as we make our way to the waterfall.  
For a mother, it doesn’t get much better than this. 

Doesn’t Sweets just look scrumptiously edible? 

This trip was most definitely a turning point in the bond between these two.

I had read that after age 3, girls tend to become “daddy’s girls” and it was beautiful to see it unfold before my eyes. Everything new she discovered she turned to share with Daddy or seek his approval and pride. “Look Daddy, look!” or “Hold my hand, Daddy! C’mon!” When Daddy would get too close to the creek, it was “Be careful Daddy!”. When she got tired, it was “Hold me Daddy”. Hence, I was allowed some special time with my Genevieve. Oh and she started saying “momma” loud and clear.

A momentous 1st day of our stay in Brianhead as a family of four

The next few days involved a field-trip to a dinosaur museum, outings to the park and lots and lots of creative play.

Not your typical view exiting Walmart

And then there was Zion National Park. W.O.W. So cool. I think the pictures tell a pretty good story.

We spent a lot of time here at Spicy’s demand request.

I have a video clip where I ask Spicy what she is doing here (above). Her response: “I’m taking a mud bath!”  Ha! Dirt and water. What else could a girl want? 🙂 

In the evenings, in our comfortable lodging, we partook in indoor swimmin’
Dragon Tale a’watchin (their hand-holding…Eek! sooo precious!)
 dual bathin’

wine sippin’

and a bit of homeschoolin’

Carefree timelessness. What a gift!

It was definitely a bit challenging to get our heads out of the clouds and set our feet on solid (& sea-level) ground, but I feel recharged from the inside out, ready to conquer yet again.

Or at least until the next break! 

2 Responses to High on Life!

  1. What an amazing trip! I'm so happy for the 4 of you and all the special time you had together. I, too, found myself in awe of God's creation when in Zion and Bryce. The beauty and vastness is overwhelming! You did a great job picking out photos to document the week – I felt like I was right there experiencing it with the Sotos 🙂 Welcome back home!!

  2. Indeed, the pictures speak volumes, but your words, observations and reflections are also priceless. What a joy it was to share your vacation through pictures and narrative. It looked as though a good time was had by all and I'm so happy you and Dean were able to connect. You guys sure took full advantage of your time together, and to think you had such a perfect vacation after such a tenuous start! The beauty of nature makes me want to travel! As always, thanks so much for taking the time to so unselfishly share yourself and your family. Love you, Dad

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