Double Playdate

Today we had a super exciting play date. It was “super exciting” because I always look so much forward to seeing and chatting with “Miss Juweeanna” (as Alizea calls her) and her red-head beauty, Elyse, and we were long overdue! I got up extra early to make our lunches so I could maximize the time while they were here! Once Elyse warmed up to her surroundings, we couldn’t have asked for more from the girls. They were so incredibly adorable together, hugging and holding hands spontaneously and partaking in “parallel play” that would have impressed the experts giving us moms plenty of time to relax, catch up and chat about life, families, motherhood, married life, womanhood.

 (Below) with my great pal, Julianna.  I am so thankful for this woman and our friendship. She is the reason I had such an incredible doctor and birthing experience. She generously shared so much about her pregnancy with me that I always had at least a couple weeks warning before I was going to experience some unknown and unforeseeable ‘pelvic pain’ and of course we had fun researching fun nursery decor ideas together and even helped each with baby names! What a special blessing it was to experience pregnancy for the 1st time side by side with a friend who happen to be a coworker too!
(taken by one of the girls) 
We sure had a wonderful time together!
In the afternoon after some “down time”, Spicy was outside playing in her the very popular neighborhood sand table when her new-found friend, Kayla (who is visiting for a month and staying next door) came over to play. It was quite comical observing this 4 year-old as she strongly suggested to Alizea with hand motions and sneaky whispers that they should go inside and play in her room!  I was fully anticipating hearing the whines and groans at any given moment due to the lack of nap but to my surprise, they never made a peep! In fact, it was adorable and I laughed out loud hearing Spicy remind Kayla to “be quiet because baby Genevieve is sleeping” They were like 2 teenagers having the best of times! And I’m so glad her extra spacious circus-themed room is getting such good use!
 I did have one of those odd self-awareness moments realizing that my daughter was old enough to have friends over to play (and fairly unsupervised for nearly 2 hours!) I felt old. But in a good way, I suppose.  

After all, this is what I have always wished for!

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  1. Life is filled with stages, especially family life. I remember you three (M's) passing through so many stages and the mixed feelings those changes bring forth in the parent-joy at seeing your little loved ones grow, but sadness at realizing that each stage leaves something behind that will never be lived again. Smiles and tears abound!!!

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