And We’re Off!

So, our original plan to leave Friday night hit a little snag when Daddy was unsuccessful in renewing his license after the computers at the infamous DMV had a glitch and went down for the day state wide. (Um, can we say procrastinator? Of course I would never say “I told you so” after nagging him to take care of this prior, wink, wink) Then upon discovering that all the DMV branches were closed on Friday when daddy was planning to return, my emotional reaction went something like this: shock —> panic —> frustration —> anger  within a couple seconds time. After calmly expressing my interior crusade and accepting an apology, we had some decisions to make:
a) Mommy consent to do all the driving for the entirety of the trip. Not a very good option since mommy despises driving long distances (unless I’m solo or with sleeping children) and daddy loathes sitting in the passenger seat since he thoroughly enjoys driving. Grumpy mommy = grumpy daddy = grumpy kids = disaster of a vacation
b) Cancel our trip all together, losing all of our remaining time share points and stay home for our vacation. Um, this thought didn’t last long in our moment of desperation
c) Wait until Monday when Daddy can go to the DMV and cut our vacation short. (good idea Daddy) except we didn’t have to cut our vacation too short because we were able to add nights to the end of our original vacation scheduled time!
So there you have it. Something that almost could have ruined not only our highly anticipated family retreat but our unity, became a blessing in disguise as we were able to practice our communication (ahem), prepare without rushing and being stressed and begin our vacation close to home visiting the beach, parks and gathering with family!
Now, finally off to here!!! See you in a week!

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  1. I marvel at your ability to "roll with the punches." You keep such a positive attitude and make the most of every situation and you don't let bumps in the road get you down. Thanks for that awesome example for me to learn from! Love you!~!

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