A momentous week

This was a big week for Miss Spicy (ok, and mommy too). Not only were we adjusting our sleep patterns from the vacation family schedule where we all stayed up far too late and sleeping in far too late, Alizea has embarked on many ‘firsts’ this week!

Her 1st shower with mommy (that is what you’re supposed to do when you’re child is transitioning from baths, right???) I was half way joking when I made the suggestion to her to take a shower with me having absolutely no expectation that she would oblige. It was a moment of desperation hoping I could ‘kill 2 birds with 1 stone’ given that we were both very dirty and sticky from our morning jog and also very exhausted …and I was not looking forward to the protest I was sure I would encounter. When she heard my proposal, to my surprise, her whole body straightened and her face lit up! Since we have 2 shower heads, 1 removable, it was quite convenient and efficient and she had an absolute blast pretending we were in the “warm water sprinklers!” I must admit, it was rather enjoyable to have my hair rinsed (twice) by a 3 year old! Obviously, I don’t have a picture but imagine some pretty funny dialogue as she curiously studied the matured female anatomy, and a slight protest when she didn’t want the fun to end! 
Her 1st class for Catechism of the Good Shepherd, A 2 hour, Montessori-based, Catholic formation experience. This was both extremely nerve-wracking and exciting for me. First off, I’m still in denial that my firstborn ‘baby’ is old enough to attend a 2 hour instructional class solo (ok, without me by her side). Secondly, this was my first real test at how my constant nagging patient teaching has sunk in (or not). Some of the worries questions that tortured me went through my head for weeks prior were: Will she be polite? Will she speak clearly and loudly when asked a question? Will she be understood? Will she cooperate when asked to take off her shoes but leave her socks on (Spicy has a fetish about being bare foot, without socks) Will she have her first ‘potty accident’ due to a number of factors? Will she enjoy it? Will she throw herself on the floor in a fit of delirium flailing her limbs in all directions making me look like a failure of a mother? (Not that she has ever done this of course, ahem) Will. she. behave for 2 straight hours in a new setting with new faces, both children and adults alike?

 (do you see that? She kept her socks on!!! The magic of peer pressure at work)

Well, I’m proud to report that she did very well. Other than one instance where she cried out for me and just needed some nurturing from Mrs Ramirez (an experienced mom of 7 who knew exactly how to replace her separtaion anxiety with a positive experience), she really seemed to thrive with the new adventure of it all. Definitely a little intimidated and shy at the newness of it all and upon picking her up, I saw a completely new side of her I never knew she was capable of expressing, but all in all, I was so extremely proud of her ability to step out of her comfort zone and adapt, especially for being the youngest one in the class!
Her 1st ‘extracurricular’ classes at the HB Rec Center. In the early afternoon was Ballet.

O.M.G. 12+ tots in leotards, tights and ballet slippers…I just about died. She saute’d into the room like a pro not looking back once. For the last 10 minutes of class, we were invited into the room so Mimi, Sweets and I got to witness the fruits of their 50 minutes of hard work. Pretty impressive what this teacher was able to instruct them to do.  But one word sums it up. Adorable.

Then, after some lunch we made our way to the HB Art Studio for Pottery Class! Without any time for a nap (which are still very much needed), she did great!

Meanwhile little sis was so supportive and equally adaptive as her schedule was completely interrupted, being strapped in and out of the car seat several times and awaken by the sound of chatty mom who gets so excited to have one on one time with Mimi. She also thoroughly enjoyed a first on the park swing until….

the fatigue took over and she had to get her nap in somehow! 

Phew! We are all exhausted after a busy week but very excited to embark on this new stage!

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  1. Oh, my gosh! I had to go to older posts to view these pics of Alizea's first days in her catechism and rec classes. How precious. Seeing her sitting in the circle with other kids really tugged at my memory bank as I remember similar emotions to seeing you guys venture out into the world and leave the protection of home and Mom and Dad. With what Alizea receives in terms of love, upbringing and emotional support from you and Dean, she'll do just fine in any new environment and setting. Greats pics! Love you, Dad

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