8 Months & The Big 3-0!

Just look at these two. Ahhhh, how I love them so!
It is no mystery to me where Sweets gets her charming, delightful, pleasant, agreeable, happy, joyful nature.
It’s quite fitting then that she & daddy share a special milestone today.
To Dean, the Love of my Life:
You are a wonderful wonderful man, husband and father! 
Today on your birthday, I want you to stop and reflect with me on some of your recent endeavors.
As you finally catch up to me at (screech!) 30 years of age, in the time I have known you, you have:
-Given 8 + years serving our country and its people, 1 year oversees (away from your family)
-Put yourself through college with no example from sibling or parent to follow
-Started 2 Masters programs (Philosophy – Holy Apostles Seminary & Information Assurance – Norwich Univ)
– Willingly given up your desire for a graduate degree objectively assessing it wasn’t the right timing or career move for your family
-Bought a home  
-Given me & the world 2 beautiful children
-Passed the CISSP, a very sought after certification in your field of expertise.
-Worked your way to a respected position within Boeing
-Started your own company and podcast 
-Achieved a dream of ours to provide for our family’s needs, allowing me to stay at home with our children.
-Never stopped growing, learning, improving, be it in our marriage, in your individual spiritual journey or in your career which has been an incredible gift to me as I have benefited from the fruits of your hard work.
-Been a spiritual leader, an initiator in all things
But perhaps, more importantly than all these accomplishments which indeed are good,
-you have been the biggest contributor and influence in my search for holiness and closeness to the Trinity. You challenge me through emotional encouragement, always valuing what I do and who I am, through intellectually challenging me to always seek the truth in everything or through simply bluntly but lovingly pointing out my areas for improvement. 
-You are a man of principle and I love your mind, the way you think. 
-You teach me so much about (good and true) philosophy, about humanity, about seeking the true, the good, the beautiful, about our primary purpose here on earth.
-You have so much self awareness and humility that you are not afraid to admit and acknowledge your weaknesses and faults making marriage and communication a joy. 
**My prayer for you today is that you are reminded how very much you are loved, respected and cherished!**
And now, To Miss Genevieve.
My, you’re such a mature eight month-old young lady:
(I know I already posted this picture here but it completely encompasses who you are) 
 In the last month, you have
-become very wiggly in my lap, lunging in all directions reminding mommy to always have a tight grip after a few mishaps (what they say about being more ‘lax’ with your 2nd is oh so true)
-started waving
-as mentioned before, pulling yourself up to your knees and trying oh so hard to stand on your own
-with some assistance, started standing while holding on to something (however, again, a very close eye and a readily available arm is still necessary after learning the hard way)
-figured out how to make Indian yowls with your hand or arm hitting your open mouth
-continued on your 11-13 hour night-time sleeping stretch
-learned to interact quite well with Spicy, putting your hands up when you’ve had enough or leaning forward when you want some extra lovies.
-brought such immense and increasing happiness and joy to us!
Happy Birthday to my mocha chocolate loves!

2 Responses to 8 Months & The Big 3-0!

  1. that was so incredibly sweet. and definitely necessary to reflect on this post when your vacation got delayed ; ) We love our men despite those little errors they make! You said it beautifully.

  2. You and Dean are very lucky and blessed to have one another. Keep up the passion and appreciation, as you obviously have. You gave many reasons you are a lucky woman, but Dean is a very lucky man to have someone who recognizes, appreciates and values his qualities and has the humility to affirm him.

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