Terrific Tuesday

Unfortunately, I had to turn down a super fun invitation to hang out with Auntie Carrie, the B-man and our long lost friend from Junior High, Ashley and her daughter Zoie. But we made the most of the day anyway
 Our home-made Spectrum fountain…
 Practicing her pirouettes for Auntita and Neenee...
Not pictured: Momma sweatin bullets washing loads of laundry, cleaning floors, making dinner, doing paperwork and the like (while watching this with the eyes on the back of my head!) 😉
Just your typical Tuesday for a SAHM and her babies!

2 Responses to Terrific Tuesday

  1. She seriously looks like she is jumping 6 feet in the air! Kinda like that one pic I took at the Spectrum like a month ago…That girl can JUMP!!

  2. The picture of sweet G with something in her mouth reminds me that she is at the "give everything the taste test" stage, just as I remember Alizea passing through. How cute are the pictures of the cutest girls in the world! I love you, Dad

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