Seven Months!

Thanks to a college buddy’s, super cool blog, I got this idea for these photos (although, I know mine don’t look nearly as professional). 
I thought the basin/bath themed shots were just perfect given the following reasons: 
a) Sweet’s enjoyment for her baths has risen to a whole new level – (making bigger splashes than Spicy, plunging forward touching the water with her face and not even flinching when I pour water on top of her head)
b) a good way to capture those amazingly long and beautiful lashes
c) You won’t be sitting still for very much longer.

 Oh how beautiful you are, Sweet Genevieve! Your features are becoming more and more defined even though the baby chub doesn’t seems to be going anywhere.
Bapa is right! You know how to pucker those lips!

Can we say Sumo wrestler?!?

*You are a nursing champ,
├╝ber fast, just like your sis was, you chug chug chug and pop your head up when you know there isn’t 1 drop remaining, finishing in 5 minutes, 10 tops!  Just recently, you started grabbing onto your toes with your outside (free) arm and bending and moving your foot/leg all around as if you’re doing yoga stretches. It makes me smile every time & provides some great entertainment while I’m sitting getting sucked dry. You also look up at me, make noises and pause to smile which melts my heart.
*You are also a great eater. Thus far, you’ve had peas, green beans, squash, carrots, pears, applesauce and bananas and seem to enjoy it all (with the exception of the peas).  And you really like to feed yourself graham crackers!
*You are starting to pull yourself up using the crib rail to your knees which makes me a bit nervous. I think it’s time to lower the mattress already!
*From a seated position, you will lean way forward reaching with all your might and turn 1 of your legs inward or fall forward and then roll to a front or back position showing some little signs of crawling in the near future

*You are grabbing everything in sight. You love going after the hair and only after hearing Auntie Nee-Nee & Bapa yowl “OWWWW” did I realize Spicy was not exaggerating!
*You still make your grunts and groaning sounds when you are tired (or pushing) but you are making a lot of new ones that sound like sighs and giggles as if you are carrying on a conversation.
Aye, you are such a happy, joyful baby!

*You are not only laughing a lot but daddy can get you to cackle (which is sure to bring everyone around to laughter) just like your Mimi!
*You love your sis and seem to be accustomed to her daily morning pesterings greetings but you also don’t mind your space and you play solo very well.
 *To my continual amazement and admiration (now I understand why parents love to brag about this) , you still sleep anywhere from 10 to 13 hours consecutively at night and as if that weren’t enough, when you awake, you will stay quiet for up to 1/2 an hour just looking around sucking that thumb until someone comes in, at which point, you get so excited, flailing your arms and kicking your legs against the matress with a huge smile on your face. And you take a couple great 2-3 hour naps during the day. And your sleep routine consists of a little bit of holding and walking but putting you down awake followed by no crying. Just silence.

(Disclaimer: I do not write all this about your tremendous sleep habits to brag in any way, shape or form because I take NO credit in this whatsoever. I don’t like it when moms talk about sleep as if it equates to good parenting. It should not be the end all goal and it boggles me how many books and “experts” there are on this topic when my 2 babies are proof that they come with their very unique personality, their special needs, their strengths and perhaps ‘weaknesses’ for lack of a better word. Ok, I’m off my soapbox now).
I do document this, however to show you, sweet Genevieve, a baby (& perhaps grown-up 1 day) who very much enjoys her rest and her sleep and cooperates tremendously when you are tired!
And all I have to say to all of that is “Wow! What a difference from Spicy A. What. A. Difference”

I just can’t imagine my life without you!
You are an incredible gift to our family and to the world and I know it’s redundant but you bring such balance to all of us in your sweet sweet peaceful way!
Happy 7 months angel!

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  1. I am so amazed at the wonder and joy every new step a baby takes in their development brings to parents and grandparents, even though we've witnessed the same incremental steps in siblings. It never gets old and doesn't diminish the wonder just because we've seen it in someone else. I guess that's the point-we've not seen in in Miss G and she is developing into her own person with her own unique personality and all these things she does, she does them in her own unique and special way and in her perfect time. So, I applaud you, Genevieve on all the wonderful things your proud Mommy has brought to our attention. Go Girl!!! Dad and Bapa!!

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