Photo shoot 2010

By the looks of these, you never would have guessed she was squirmy, cranky and just extra Spicy this day.
Dani and Emeline are truly amazing! I laugh to myself because I was certain this Spicy one didn’t look into the camera one time! Boy was I wrong. She looks like is an angel.

 A couple weekends ago, we spent the morning trying to capture our current stage of life in a photo shoot. We left the Fullerton Arboretum hot and sweaty, utterly drained from the constant bribing, begging, holding, pinching squeezing, threatening and the like in attempt to get just one good picture of our new family of four. Not sure whether to laugh or cry at the experience, we hopped in the mini party-van shaking our heads in disappointment analyzing what went wrong with our parenting skills and joking about how of all days, our little one had to be Spicier than we have ever seen, not to mention obedience was a foreign concept to her! 
Well, to my total astonishment, there was not only just one good shot but so many that I’m going to have a really hard time choosing which ones to display on our walls!   Anyway, no need to relive the moment other than to enjoy these….
 I love how we were given such a variety of cool effects via their stellar editing skills. 
Example: this shot (seemingly in it’s “natural” state) vs…
 a slightly softer look:
And in black and white (apparently momma & A missed the cue to look)  

I’m so glad they captured the love, where the family growing all began…
The lighting in this shot is so rad!
I think this was the closest we got to the “posed” all looking forward shot. 😉
There were so many cool little niches at this place. Quite romantic, I must say

I don’t recall laughing at all this much, but looking back, Dani and Emeline were skillful at making light of an uncooperative toddler and encouraging us to enjoy the moments!


It’s incredible because while this looks staged, it was nothing more than me trying to occupy Alizea and give her some “fun” distractions to regroup amidst the chaos. I thought we were taking a little break but leave it to the photographers hard at work to capture the moment and turn it into a super cool shot.

 I’m so thrilled they were able to get some of Sweets too. She’s quite the natural model, don’t you agree? Strike a pose. Vogue.
And some special shots with our second born…
And the grand finale… just a slight meltdown. Again, I thought it was a big joke that they were snapping away and yet they captured a lovely moment that will have us entertained for years and years to come…
This is daddy’s mocking face, Spicy. Nothing but love. Nothing. but. love.
 Dani and Emeline were nothing short of AMAZING! I mean, these are just some of my favorites. We are so thankful to them for sharing their talent, passion and patience! Because of them and these precious pictures, I now have nothing but beautiful, positive, fond memories of the day 🙂
PS – I almost forgot, a very special “THANK YOU” to Nee-nee for the hair & make-up consult 😉

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  1. These pictures are absolutely awesome!!! I love the posed ones and I really love the candid shots. You have such a beautiful family each with his/her own unique looks and features. The expressions of pure joy and honest emotions is so impressive! (I want a picture(s) for my room!!!. Lots of love, Dad

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