Isn’t It Ironic?

So, God’s irony strikes again.  
In my last journal entry, I was reflecting on the goodness of God and on trusting Him  completely and in every aspect of life even when it’s downright scary and inconvenient. Well, it was easy to write as I was feeling pretty good spiritually, you know when you have that warm fuzzy that God is present and proud of you and the consoling emotions are strong. So, it’s only right that I would have the sort of day I had today to keep my faith in check . 
Let me begin.
Shortly after awaking,
-I find out our next door neighbor got upset that the stucco workers woke him up and blurted some bu**s*&^ nonsense about construction not permitted before 9am before storming off in his car. (this is the same neighbor/renter whose dog barks after 9pm waking my children up! Are you sensing the irritation?)
-A guy who came to give an estimate that I was hoping would be our saving grace to finishing our backyard project was three times more than we can afford. 
-Immediately after vacuuming and mopping the kitchen floor, my dear daughter spilled a rather large container of sprinkles across the entire floor 
(don’t ask my why I allowed baking on a clean floor. My logic was: Bored child + desperate mommy = baking = happy child and happy mommy)
-And I stabbed myself in the hand using poor no common sense
Oh and this was all before 9:30am! 
On top of that I was feeling very very crazy hormonal! 
I had such little patience within me and was so incredibly irritable with everything and everyone that I was screaming profanities in my head. (Note to self: NEED to go to confession this week!) 
By 11:30 I was at my wits end. 
 I set off for a jog with my two girl pals confidant that the combination of endorphin release, fresh air, time to clear my head away from the messy house and both or at least one napping child would help the way I was feeling. On the way to my destination (a halfway resting point), my anger suddenly turned to laughter as I realized what God was saying to me. It went something like this:
“So, just recently you were saying something about trusting me and my goodness and about wanting more children gifts? I seem to recall a passing thought this morning which was quite the contrary” 
I chuckled at myself thinking “You fool!” 
I was extremely humbled yet again and reminded how I was still a baby when it came to my faith. 
We arrived to our goal and you would think that after a superb shopping feat (a $36 top for $3.60) a cool refreshing treat for the toddler and a major vent session with my mom, those overwhelming feelings would have ceased.
Not only did I not feel better, but what should have taken 15 minutes to return home took about an hour! I won’t go into any gory details other to say that neither child napped and all three of us were having beginning signs of one major monstrous meltdown! 
Upon stepping foot in the front door, I rather kindly and surprisingly calmly told the extraordinary husband that the surplus of estrogen was getting the best of me and I needed him to take over. Now. Within 15 minutes (nevermind the blood curdling screaming resembling a torturous death) he successfully transitioned the girls into a deep slumber and I sunk my head in my hands whining to him for the following 10 minutes.
Today was a great reminder that our beliefs and our faith are not based on feelings. That even when it’s hard and we don’t feel like it, we are to “Offer up a (literal) sacrifice of praise”
That the only way to get through days like today is to 
 “Humble thyself in the sight of the Lord and He will lift you up.”

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  1. Oh yuck – That IS a terrible, horrible day!! But look at you…You STILL managed to find God's message through it all. You are a wonderful mommy my friend!

  2. I know it's a cliche, but variety is the spice of life, although you indeed injested your share of very spicy spice this trying day! But, as I'm sure you've learned by now, it can all turn around in an instant with just the smallest look, gesture, touch of the hand, hug or some other action from those who put you through the gamut just minutes before!! Aw, the joy of parenthood!! Keep us the awesome job and don't hesitate to vent!! Love you, Dad

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