House Remodel Update #4

So, the roof is up! Finished! Complete! Yippee! Probably the least noticeable and decoratively showcasing of our financial investments (although pops assures me it is the nicest looking roof from the top view) but the peace of mind knowing we are “covered” this winter and protected from any potential leaks is a great feeling! Another day of stucco took place as well. Hopefully one more Saturday of ‘prepping’ and then the color coat will be applied! I can’t wait!
My discouragement not knowing whether we would be able to make any home improvements (& even considering the idea of moving because the list of necessary projects was so overwhelming) which then turned to anxiety over decision-making is making a quick, sudden turn toward pure excitement as it slowly and quickly comes together! Now is the “fun” part…colors and accents like stone and lighting fixtures, etc
My favorite of the projects thus far is this:

And dad worried that I wouldn’t like it?! Shoot, I don’t think there is anything he can do that I wouldn’t like! It’s jut not possible. And I don’t just like it, I love it!!! He was apprehensive because of how symmetrical my taste is and that he wasn’t able to create the arch on the other side due to limited space but he made an executive contractor/designer decision when I was away and I could not be happier! I walk out on my new porch, a transitional landing from my chaotic wonderful mommy terrene into the beautiful outside world, take a deep breath and as I stand underneath those two arches I feel, if for only a few seconds, as though I’m in a  gorgeous European hacienda! 
Another decision that was a tad wearing (mainly because of the endless possibilities) and time consuming which I’m also super pleased with is the detail of the window trim (thanks yet again to you know who):

So to recap, in less than 2 months, the one man show has brought us from here:
to here:
And much more to come in the next 2 weeks!
Three words for you dad…

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  1. It's looking SOOOO good! But secretly I cant wait for you to be done so we can come see it (and ALSO so we can start hanging out again)!!

  2. Thanks Care! that means a lot coming from you bc I love your taste 🙂 And I KNOW… will be nice when we everyone can just enjoy the house and we'll want to host a lot more things here!

  3. Erin – YES!!!! we have talked about a "remodel-house warming party" since we never had one when we bought! hehe… and OF COURSE you are invited!!!

  4. Marisa, You being pleased is all I could ask for as your contractor/dad. I am so happy that you are happy with the progress. It has been a labor of love ( for you and your family and your enjoyment) Love you lots, Dad

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